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Share Your GFW Photos!

Brian H. has graciously accepted the challenge of pulling together a slide show for our upcoming AGM. We welcome your photos to celebrate our club’s outstanding 2018 cycling season. And if you like, add some from previous years!

Below is Brian’s invitation and detailed instructions to help you share.

I have been charged with the task of compiling GFW photographs for a slide show at the upcoming AGM. So, do you have photographs that you would like to add to the collection?

  1. Organize your photographs in to folders. If possible, use separate folders for:
    • 2018 OTTAWA TRIP
    • PRE-2018 PHOTOS
  2. Give each folder a suitable name that includes your name. For example,I have labelled my three folders as follows
    • 2018_Photos_BrianH
    • Ottawa_Trip_BrianH
    • PRE-2018_BrianH
  3. Go to Google Photos (either on your browser or with the Google Photos app. on your phone or iPad).
    • You will need to sign out if you are automatically logged in to your own Google account.
    • You need to be logged in to using the same password (the one that has to do with eating!) as for the GFW Website. 
    • Click on ALBUM (left menu bar) and you will see the existing albums (folders) in the image below.
    • Drag your folder (which will become an album) over and your photos will automatically load.
    • When your photos have finished loading, click on ADD TO ALBUM and choose NEW ALBUM. Give this New Album a title (which will likely be the same as the title you gave the folder), hit the check sign (top left), and you are all done!
  4. Now, wasn’t that easy?

Note: If you are given the choice of HIGH QUALITY or ORIGINAL SIZE, please choose HIGH QUALITY. We can save an unlimited number of HIGH QUALITY images.

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