Riding from the Baltimore Arena – Tuesday, October 26

We’re returning to the Baltimore Arena where another totally successful Freewheeler cycling season began way back on Good Friday, April 2nd. Did someone mention a Pandemic?

Marianne is hosting this Tuesday’s club ride and she invites you to join her on a fun ride through some of the best biking roads in the area as we begin the wind down of this year’s biking season. Maps will be provided at the start. Park close to the back of the arena so that you won’t have far to carry your lunch and comfy chair to our end of ride picnic.

Riding from Castleton – Saturday, October 23

This Saturday’s ride, the Warkworth Variant, will be hosted from Harold’s estate near Castleton. Ride commences at 10am. Maps will be available from the host with the most!

Plenty of room for visiting and picnicing with friends on the lawn after the ride.

Harold is looking forward to seeing everyone who can join.

Riding from Cavan – Tuesday, October 19

Paul is hosting this Tuesday’s ride from his home/farm in Cavan (address can be found in the club directory on our website and in calendar). He invites you to join him at 10:00 for a beautiful fall 50 K ride followed by our “after ride picnic”.

Refer to the “Map with GPS” link below for a look the route. Hardcopy maps will be provided at the start.


Riding from Newcastle – Saturday, October 16

Mich is hosting Saturday’s ride at 10 am. Meet at the parking lot at the south end of Toronto Street in Newcastle, near the waterfront. See his details below.

The ride can be exactly the same as the summer ride – very flat. During the ride, if we want new roads, we can decide to do Squair Rd instead of Pollard, or even do Concession 5 past the neat pond at the south end of Orono and then Lawrence to rejoin the route.

All those routes would be about 51 kms. We can decide what to do when we get to Pollard Rd.
Usually we stick together through the paths and last time we stuck together till almost the end of the ride.

I can have a map with shortcuts. Shortcuts would be about 25 and 35.

We would start at the parking lot at the south end of Toronto Street – the usual spot we start this ride from. There is no washroom though.

A picnic lunch would be nice, weather permitting.

This is a nice ride for E bikes since there are no hills to drain them and we ride slowly through the paths.

Let’s hope for a sunny day.

Riding from Newcastle – Tuesday, October 12

Please join Doug & Joanne at 10;00 am for a peddle around East Durham Region.

Starting…ALGOMA Orchards, 201 Regional Rd #42, Newcastle L1B 0T9

Please park at the North west side of the building.

Feel free to pack a lunch, OR there are lots of food & drink options in their store.

There is a bathroom & a few picnic tables & benches for us to sit on after the ride.

We will have maps.

Ride Cancellation – Thanksgiving weekend

Our Friday Ride Coordinator has cancelled the ride for this weekend as there was no host, members reported being quite busy or away and weather is looking iffy.

Note that there are still two weekends without hosts – the 23-24 weekend and the 30-31 weekend. It’s up to the host whether the ride is Saturday or Sunday. Please contact Katherine if you are up for leading a ride.

Riding from Grafton – Tuesday, October 5

Apologies everyone for the tardiness if this post!

Sharon is our host for tomorrow’s ride from her home (address in our directory and also on the calendar post). She invites you to join her on a beautiful fall ride that will cover many of the club’s favourite roads ending with a “fly down” Shelter Valley Road to our club picnic social in her back yard. A warning though, to enjoy that “fly down” may involve a few climbs to get there. Maps (paper and GPS) below. The route has been modified slightly to start from Sharon home.

Route: Grafton East (51 K easily reduced to 36 K or 31K)

Club map: https://ganaraskafreewheelers1.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/grafton_east-grafton.pdf

GPS map: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/37661486

Hope to see you there.

Reminder – Membership Forms and Waivers

We’re excited to see everyone at Saturday’s ride and AGM event at Gail’s.

Please bring your completed Membership Form and waivers that you can download from the following links:

2022 Membership Form, including Waiver

GFW Response to COVID 19 & Waiver

The annual fee of $50 for full members and $25 for social members has not changed.

If you do not have access to a printer, we will have forms available at the AGM for you to complete.

If you are unable to attend the AGM, instructions for getting your form and payment to Barb, our Club President, are included on the Membership Form.

IT IS AGM TIME! Saturday, October 2

We are hoping to see all or most of your welcome and smiling faces next Saturday, October 2nd at the home of Gail Lupton and Stephen Shine for our Annual General Meeting. Ride starting at 11:00. Lunch around 1:30/2:00 and meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Please plan to come. We have shared an amazing year and a half against all odds. We miss those of you who have been unable to ride or join us AND we have some great plans and ideas to share. Let’s Freewheel together into 2022!

We have strained our brains and scratched our heads for a way to return in most ways to our successful and enjoyable AGMs. Gail has generously offered not only the use of her beautiful barn but has planned a ride and a pizza lunch. The area is beautiful for a ride, the pizza is wood fired and delicious and the barn is large enough for social distancing. We will decide, going in and for everyone’s comfort level, if masks will be worn for the meeting.

Of course we need your help in the next few days. We are still looking for nominations or volunteers to fill the positions of Vice President and Secretary. Please respond with a comment saying:

Ride: Yea or Nay
Lunch: Yea or Nay
Meeting: Yea or Nay

For the lunch and meeting you will need to bring chairs, beverage of choice and, depending on the forecast, warm clothing as the barn is not heated. If you are having pizza, we calculate that $10.00 each is a fair price.

See you there!

Riding from Kirkfield Lock – Tuesday, September 28

Sue will be hosting Tuesday’s ride. Her invitation is below.

We will meet at the Kirkfield Liftlock, just north of the village of Kirkfield on County Rd. 6 to start at 10. I have a beautiful flat route planned along parts of the Trent Canal over to Gamebridge, across to Lakeshore Drive on Lake Simcoe to picturesque Lagoon City and back.

Afterwards we will head back to the cottage for our lunch, swim, kayaking or canoeing. I will talk to you about the cottage address at the ride. Hope you can make it.

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