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Riding from Cobourg – Saturday, September 26

Jen and TJ are hosting this Saturday’s ride starting at 10:00 am from their home.

We will follow The Miller’s Route which has 59 and 42 km options.

Bring refreshments and chairs for our apres ride social.

A special message from Katherine, your Friday Ride Coordinator

Hi all of you Crazy Awesome GFWers……

I am looking for 4 ride hosts and / or idea people to complete the cycling season. Franco and Marianne have committed to 2 of the 6 remaining.

The light conditions and the 🥶, would suggest that the rides be held during day.

So if you have an idea for a ride that can accommodate a bunch of your good friends outside somewhere where they bring everything they need for their personal enjoyment, please throw it at me.

Rides are for ROAD rides only. As much fun as it is to bash through the forest or across fields, our mandate and insurance says otherwise!

And the answer to the BIG question is, nope. I’m not hosting Thanksgiving, so if anyone wants to host a turkey shaped ride ex Precious Corners, here is YOUR perfect opportunity!!!!”

Thank you!!!

Riding from Brighton – Tuesday, September 22

Lilianne and Barry are hosting this Tuesday’s ride from Brighton.

Meet at 10am at the Proctor Park Conservation Area. From Highway 2, turn North at the Beer Store onto Kingsley Avenue upto the park gate. Note: Just past the gate, watch for a significant pothole.

The route is First Half Flat with distances of 56 or 44 kilometres. Picnic lunch in the park after.

See you Tuesday,

Riding from Cobourg – Friday, September 18

Friday’s ride will start at the home of John and Barb Spencer at 4:30. Invitation is below. Address and directions are on the Member Directory.

The route will be Twice in Grafton 52 or 44 km with lots of opportunities for shorter rides if anyone prefers.

We have lots of space for parking and for one of our fabulous after ride socially distanced bring-your-own chair and picnic circle get-together.

Even though we are starting the rides at 4:30, sunsets are coming earlier so please use your bike lights. We are hoping to have a fire but it is getting cool at nights so dig out those warm clothes (some of us envied Jen and TJ’s wooly hats last week).

We should be back by 6:30 so, members, even if you choose not to ride, please join us for ‘afters’ to experience the new ‘good friends/good food’ Freewheelers way.

Riding from Port Hope – Tuesday, September 15

Marshall is your host for Tuesday’s ride. His invitation is below.

This Tuesday’s ride will start from the Port Hope Town Hall with our “after ride picnic” under the shady trees of Memorial Park just across the street. Join me on “La Tour de Cobourg”. A 50 kms ride with the first half over and through Cobourg being relatively flat, but the trip back to Port Hope will be a different story with the pleasure of climbing 3 of our favorite hills – McEwen Rd, Hill 60 on the Danforth and the famous Bickle Hill. Not to worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to shorten the route or skip some of the hills.

See you Tuesday. Be sure to bring your comfy chair, a yummy lunch and your favorite beverage.

Keep in mind that we’ll be following standard social distancing rules. If you have not joined a ride yet this season, please remember to print, sign and bring your COVID-19 Waiver and read the GFW response to COVID in the same document.

Riding from Port Hope – Friday, September 11

Deb is hosting this Friday’s ride from her home in Port Hope (see address in member directory) starting at 4:30!

We will follow one of Deb’s favorite routes – the Osaca Odyssey with options of 46, 36 or 27 kilometres.

Bring your own picnic, chairs and drinks. There is room to gather in the backyard for a Covid Social gathering afterwards.

Thanks Debbie for offering to host.

Keep in mind that we’ll be following standard social distancing rules. If you have not joined a ride yet this season, please remember to print, sign and bring your COVID-19 Waiver and read the GFW response to COVID in the same document.

Riding from Oak Hill – Tuesday, September 8

Jen and Andy will host our Tuesday ride from their home starting at 10 am. You can find their address in the member directory.

As Tuesday’s forecast is currently threatening rain, they invite you to consider Wednesday starting at 9:30 as the alternative. Please comment. Jennifer will make the rain cancellation call by 8 am on Tuesday and comment on the site.

The ride will follow The Oak Hills route – but in reverse! Options are 50 k, 37k or shorter for those who wish a less strenuous ride.

Please bring your own chair, picnic, swimming costume/towel (there is a pool) and beverage.

An FYI…….Two large dogs will be bounding about so remember to not leave food or articles of clothing around for a game of ‘chase me please.’ Irene’s apple strudel became apple crumble on our last get together!! It tasted so yummy!

Keep in mind that we’ll be following standard social distancing rules. If you have not joined a ride yet this season, please remember to print, sign and bring your COVID-19 Waiver and read the GFW response to COVID in the same document.

See you soon,

Attention Friday Riders: tonight’s ride starts at 4:30!

I’m sending out a special post just to make sure everyone knows that tonight’s ride starts at 4:30 to take advantage of the light and warmth. It’s in the calendar but wasn’t in the post. Thanks Barb for noticing!

Riding from Wilmot Conservation Area – Friday, September 4

Mich and Mel are hosting Friday’s 48-km ride in the Newcastle area, beginning at 4:30. Their invitation is below.

The ride will be the July 24 ride backwards. We will end with the bike paths and start with the Lakeshore. Very flat. The climb out of Bond Head being the worst.

Parking will be at the same spot as July 24 at Wilmot Creek Conservation area at the south end of Toronto Street (note it is currently under construction, so you have to go through the Port of Newcastle subdivision to reach the parking.)

There are no facilities there but should be ample parking and room for chairs afterwards.

Maps will be provided at the start. Below is an image and if you’d like to print out your own advanced copy, just click on the image.

Note: Barb provided on the Facebook group some very specific directions to get to the starting point which might help anyone who wasn’t at the July 24 ride:

South on Mill Street which becomes Port of Newcastle Drive, right on Milligan and drive to the end which is the south end of Toronto Street. Or, sometimes we just drive around until we see a bunch of cars and bikes!

And last but not least, if you have not yet ridden with the club this season, remember to bring a signed copy of your COVID waiver.

Calling all Hosts for Fall 2020 Rides

This post is an invitation to our members to host rides. So far this season, we’ve enjoyed mostly glorious weather, wonderful routes and fun-filled socially distant picnics afterwards. While we got off to a later than usual start, it’s been a memorable season so far.

Only two more months remain to partake of the joys of cycling with our GFW friends! For both Tuesday and Friday rides, we are without hosts! So who wants to host and keep up our cycling host streak for 2020?

To host a Tuesday ride, contact your Tuesday ride coordinator, Marshall.


For Friday rides, contact Katherine. Now that it’s getting darker (and colder) earlier, we’ve been talking with the gang who ride Fridays about maybe starting earlier – say 4:30 or 5:00. Alternatively, consider moving the Friday ride to a Saturday or Sunday and starting at 10. Riders are flexible. So we encourage hosts to decide the best timing for their ride!

One final reminder: if doing an evening ride, make sure your lights are in working order and wear visible clothing.

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