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Long Tour to Merrickville in August 2023

Your Tuesday Ride Coordinator Sue has been busily researching our options for a long tour together in August. Please comment on this post or head over to Facebook and provide your feedback on a similar post there.

Plans are in the making for our cycling trip in Merrickville from August 14 to the 17th.

We have to decide if people want two nights or three.  And we need to find out how many of you are interested and what options you are interested in. 


Here are our possible options for accommodations:

1. Individual BnB rentals or hotels that people would book on their own:

1840 Guest House

Baldachin Inn

Angelina Wrona’s Anarchy Gallery

Merrickville Guest Suites

2. Camping at the beautiful Merrickville Lions Club Campground on the Rideau. I believe there can be 2 tents per site and it may be $35 per night approximately.


Preliminary Itinerary

We will have a shorter ride on Monday August 14th, a longer day on Tuesday, and perhaps Wednesday, depending on whether people want 2 or 3 nights. Whether it’s Wednesday or Thursday that we check out, we could have a ride near the Perth area on the way home.

So think it over and please comment here or on the Facebook post with your questions and answers. 

The routes are in the planning stages so at the moment I can’t give you any definite maps.

We will figure out food options later. There are many good options.

Pete, Ruth & Monster did Merrickville in August 2022. Above images, left to right: a typical campsite on the river, bike repair station in town, sunset over the river.


  1. jenp83 says:

    I plan on going and staying at the lion’s camping by the canal.


  2. randyalbon says:

    Anita and I would be interested and would prefer the campground. We really like that campground.



  3. Bob Almack says:

    Looks great ! Liz and I have it on our calendar.
    Will there be a GFW group booking of the campsite?


  4. Sue says:

    Hi everyone who wants to camp. We all need to call Carolyn at 613 290 0454 to book our own campsite. That is her personal cell. I just booked #28 for August 14, 15 and 16. We leave on the 17th. Any site from 24 to 36 is without power. They are all along the Rideau canal. Only one tent or van/trailer per site, plus a car. It’s
    $36.16 per night including taxes. Carolyn’s cell phone number is only used until May for bookings. Then you must call the campground itself.


    • twocamels says:

      thanks Sue – we just booked #29. Carolyn will hold five spots for a week (to April 10) so if others are certain they will camp, aim to book by then.


  5. michecabhotmailcom says:

    Mich plans on going and will camp.


  6. Paul Buttimor says:

    I have booked my camp spot for the three nights. Looking forward to it….Paul


  7. Lilianne Denis says:

    Barry and i are booked at the 1840 Guest House for the 3 nights.


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