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Ride Reminder – Friday, September 29

Barb and John are hosting Friday’s ride from their place starting from Cobourg at 5:00. NOTE EARLY TIME! Please comment if you cannot make it until 5:30 so arrangements can be made to ensure maps and fellow riders await you! Here’s a note from your hosts:

As it is getting late in the season, we will stick close to home with a route that has many options, the East Danforth route on the Freewheelers site. We will check the route prior to the ride to make sure the roads have no surprises any make any required revisions. Lights everyone! We have lots of room so partners are welcome.

Potluck to follow.





  1. Brian & Jacquie says:

    We are home & will probably be there for the pot luck, not sure if Brian will ride!


  2. bradyperkin says:

    We will ride for sure!


  3. vivian says:

    We will ride and dine, if it rains is the potluck still on?


  4. bhedney says:

    Shucks – I am missing all these good rides as I am still away!


  5. Barb Spencer says:

    We will potluck rain or shine. So far the forecast shows rain but we’ll be optimistic. This will be our last chance for a pot luck get together with our friends as October rides are day Saturdays and we’ll be leaving (boo hoo) before Brian and Jaq”s final gala. Hope to see y’all.


  6. Peter says:

    Ruth and I will be there. Looking forward to it.


  7. Joanne Barlow says:

    Doug & I plan to attend….ride? Maybe, Eat! Yes


  8. Barb Spencer says:

    Oh My Dawg! It has gone from 70% to 80% to 90% chance of rain. BUT John is convinced that it will stop. I’m not but we are on for a good evening with friends and food.


  9. Sue says:

    I had a short ride this morning anticipating rain this aft, but will be there for the pot luck and another ride if it miraculously dries up.


  10. kschroeder1 says:

    I wouldn’t be riding regardless of the weather but when does the pot-luck start??


  11. Barbara Spencer says:

    Pot luck on. 5 or 5:30. Our power is off but we are hoping. We have candles lanterns BBQ and burners.


  12. vivian says:

    The power miraculously came on and a great time was had by all! Thanks Barb and John.


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