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Ride reminder – Friday, September 8

Marianne is our host for Friday’s ride from her new digs in Cobourg. Her address is on our member directory and in the calendar.

I’ve updated this post with the route – see note below. Let’s hope for good weather for the ride and post potluck! And remember to bring your utensils, plates, beverages and offerings. Also make sure your lights are in working order as the days are getting shorter.

Additional Note – September 7: 

There will be a 35 km and a 50 km route.  Both will start by heading East and then climbing to St Anne’s.
Folks doing the short route will head north a bit to catch Grills, Scots LIne, HOskin, Danforth, home.
Folks doing the longer ride will insert an extra length by continuing North from St Anne’s to Centreton Rd, East to Broomfield, and then home via Eddystone, Boomerang, Clouston and then also make their way to Hoskin, Danforth, home. Marianne will have maps available on Friday; in the meantime,  see links below to the two routes.





  1. Liz Henderson says:

    Bob and I are looking forward to the ride and pot luck.


  2. BrianH says:

    Sorry, Marianne, but I am heading out again today for a couple of weeks. You will understand once you retire 🙂


  3. Marianne says:

    If people would prefer to do the Northumberland Hills route from our website, let us know and we can print out those maps instead ! This would avoid Grills, which is fine in our books, but perhaps too gravelly for some. Also bring old shoes or boots for walking from your car to my house. Our road and driveway continue to be a mudpit !


  4. MARIANNE says:

    I am going to cancel tonight’s ride. The forecast is iffy and it looks like Friday continues to not be a night folks are too interested in. It’s too far to ask Liz and Bob to travel with that persistent 40% chance of rain & thunderstorms.


  5. Liz Henderson says:

    HI Marianne, just to let you know I am aware of the cancelled ride and will look forward to another time.


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