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Ride Reminder – Tuesday, August 22 + August 23 film event

Barry and Lilianne will pick up where Klaus left off – attempting to ride the First Half Flat after two rain outs.

Meet at 10:00 a.m. at 75 Harbour Street in Brighton/Gores Landing. Lunch is at the Whistling Duck (old Dougalls). Parking there is OK.

According to Barry, “we do not guarantee an absence of pestilence.”

Also, at the request of our member Gail, I’m forwarding an email from Melissa, President of the Oshawa Cycling Club regarding a movie taking place in Oshawa that might be of interest to our members. Note that the date mentioned in the email below was the final date to decide if there was enough interest to go ahead. Apparently the minimum has been met, so you can still purchase tickets at this link.

The movie “Le Ride” is coming to Oshawa Cineplex Odeon!! (we hope) on Aug 23rd 6:30, across Canada. This movie re-enacts the Tour de France 1928 down to the  route used, period clothes, gear and bikes used. Phil Keoghan a avid cyclist and host of the amazing race creates this.

However we need your help, there must be a minimum amount of tickets sold for it to go ahead and we are so close! Please get your tickets with in 2 days by Sunday August 13th this is when it is decided if the movie will go ahead.

Use this link to purchase your ticket you will only be charged if the movie goes ahead. Please spread the word about this event. Hope to see many of you there!! This is the link for the Oshawa screening




  1. Brian & Jacquie says:

    We will be there, Brian will probably ride &
    we will both be there for lunch!


  2. Jennifer says:

    Was planning to come but only if it not 80 % chance of rain by then…….


  3. kschroeder1 says:

    No worries, I won’t be riding this ’cause our grandkids need tending so the chances of rain will be significantly diminished.


  4. Barry says:

    Thanks Klaus…..


  5. Brian & Jacquie says:

    Not a nice forecast, may go for lunch anyway!


  6. Irene says:

    Richard and I are cycling, so long as the butterflies are flying around in the sunshine 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Marshall says:

    Glennis and I plan to be there but its all dependent on the weather.


  8. Barry says:

    The forecast looks pretty ropey. We will make a call with an 8 am post based on the forecast. Butterflies may be unavailable. If a non event, maybe do lunch in Cobourg for those interested.


  9. Sue says:

    I am going to be babysitting tomorrow so won’t be able to make it. Hope it doesn’t rain for you.


  10. Bowing out as don’t wish to drive all that way then get rained out……


  11. Brian & Jacquie says:

    We are up for lunch anywhere if the ride is cancelled.


  12. Barry says:

    According to the forecast, Thunderstorms in Brighton by 1 pm. This morning hot and very humid. We will go and adjust route as needed. Anyone else still coming??


  13. Barb Spencer says:

    John brought home some awful cold germs and shared them with me. We have decided against sharing them with our friends. Hope you get a good ride and lunch in. Sob/cough.


  14. turneywo says:

    I’ll be there.


  15. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    We still plan on being there at 10


  16. bhedney says:

    Can’t make it as I am presently in North Bay, where it is raining!


  17. Marshall says:

    Glen and I will be there.


  18. Marshall says:

    Loved the ride, rain and all. We have to do more leisure riding as a club.


  19. kschroeder1 says:

    I agree Marshall…glad my “anti-rain dance” worked…somewhat. Sorry I missed it. But, had I been there, it probably would have had to be cancelled. My grandkids and I got drenched on the beach on the one time I decided to not wear my swimming gear! They loved it!


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