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Ride Reminder – Tuesday, April 25

Brian H. is hosting next Tuesday’s ride.

Meet at the Bewdley Arena for a 10:00 am ride start. Route will be the Heavenly Harwood route under the Bewdley section. Route has 47- and 36-kilometre options.

Join Brian for a “gourmet” lunch at Rhino’s afterwards.

Be safe! And enjoy this beautiful route!


  1. Marshall Johnstone says:

    Ruth, all the postings you made today are having problems getting to our club webpage. When it gets to the home page you see an error 404 and a statement “OOPS that page can’t be found”. Expect you will be hearing from a few people. Have you left for your vacation yet. Have a great trip



  2. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    We will be there weather permitting! Brian will ride!


  3. Irene says:

    Richard off to NHH for a test, so no cycling for us.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Hoping to ride tues. NOT Andy tho’


  5. kschroeder1 says:

    I hope to ride if Brian can conjure up some pleasant weather. Quite the crowd of bikers at the Rhino today!


  6. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    To enable Jacquie to join us for lunch, I will do a short ride from home in the morning then we plan on meeting the group at Rhino’s – 1pm – ??


  7. Barry says:

    Lil and I will be there, sort of. She is still advised to avoid hills and do short rides for a while. So, we will be up there and do our own ride 11 am-ish and join you for lunch. What time at the Rhino, Brian?


    • bhedney says:

      I have Rhino’s reserved for 12:30 PM. However, this could change if the weather is inclement. I will post an update at 7 AM on Tuesday.


  8. Barb Spencer says:

    John and I are planning to ride. Forecast looks grim but we’ll probably come, ride if possible and lunch.


  9. bhedney says:

    I am having my morning coffee on the back deck, and it is most pleasant. However, there are showers in the forecast and the radar is showing green patches to our west 😦
    Regardless of the conditions, I shall be at the start at 10:00 AM.
    Although our lunch reservation is for 12:30 PM, this may change if the weather turns inclement. I will post an update regarding lunch here prior to heading off at 10:00 AM. So, if you are just coming for lunch be sure to check here prior to heading up to Bewdley!


  10. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    Rain,9C – scratch my idea for a ride – we will watch for Brian’s 10am report and will definitely be at Rhino’s for lunch.


  11. Sue says:

    Raining here now. I likely won’t be there for ride or lunch.


  12. Barry says:

    9 a.m. and we are overcome by the grey sky and chill. So are staying home and wish you all the best. See you next Tuesday, we hope.


  13. bhedney says:

    The showers have started in Port Hope and it would appear that they will continue for most of the day. John, Barb and I were talking a few minutes ago and it would appear prudent to call off the ride today. However, the rest of the week looks good, especially Thursday. So, how about we do the ride on Wednesday or Thursday instead? Actually, John and Barb cannot make it on Wednesday so Thursday would be best. It also looks like it will be a lovely day. Please reply to this post if you would like to do this week’s Tuesday ride on Thursday. Wednesday is still a possibility, but the ride wouldn’t be the same without Barb and John 🙂
    I still plan to be in Bewdley at 10:00 AM in case anyone should turn up. I will also confirm with Rhino’s that they can accommodate us on Thursday (or Wednesday).


  14. Jennifer says:

    Raining here now north of Elizabethville….good decision. I cannot make Thursday however. Enjoy.


  15. Jacquie & Brian Neale says:

    We can’t make Wednesday or Thursday, busy when you are retired!


  16. kschroeder1 says:

    I was ready to go, until I pulled out of the garage. Good call Brian. Unfortunately I will not be able to ride tomorrow or Thursday mornings…afternoons are open though.


  17. bhedney says:

    It is 10:00 AM and I am at the Bewdley arena. Where is everyone? Great day for a ride – +7 C and raining 🙂
    Be sure to post a reply about Wednesday or Thursday as we will make a decision this evening about whether to postpone or simply cancel this week’s ride.


  18. bhedney says:

    There would appear to be little interest in re-scheduling Tuesday’s ride to Wednesday or Thursday, so we won’t 🙂 Actually, I should have known better prior to making the suggestion; after all, most of us are busy being retired!
    There is no question that cancelling today’s ride was the right call as it would have been wet, windy and chilly for the entire ride, and that’s no fun!


  19. Barb Spencer says:

    Thanks for all your work, scheduling, going, rescheduling and then calling the ride.


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