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Welcome to the 2017 Cycling Season

Happy spring everyone! It’s time to groom our steeds, limber up our legs and crack open a new pair of water bottles.

Only 11 sleeps before our club’s first ride of the season – can you hardly wait?

The season will start a little later this year given the timing of Easter. Wayne and Brenda in their usual tradition are hoping you will join them for our kickoff ride starting at 2:00 p.m. on Good Friday, April 14, 2017.

If the weather is not to your liking and/or you choose not to ride, come on along for the potluck. Remember to bring your potluck offering, plates, cutlery, beverage holders and of course, beverages.

In the meantime, catch up on Club news and reminders by reading this Season Opener post.

The details that follow include:

  • A quick summary and link to the results of our 2017 member survey that sparked a few exciting changes
  • An invitation to contact your ride coordinators to claim your host dates, along with updates on scheduling rides for the 2017 season
  • A request for you to double check your member directory information
  • A refresher on prospective new member welcoming and guest procedures
  • A link to our 2017 Executive contact information

From your executive & volunteer team for 2017
Willy, Harold, Turney & Ruth
Barb, Doug, Marshall, Sue, Vivian & Brian

Member Survey 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey earlier this winter. Our 32 respondents gave us some great insights into what our club members value and a few ideas that we will take action on this season.

We’ll refer to some of our survey conclusions in this Season Opening post, but please visit the survey results page to learn how you responded and what we plan to do about it!

Members – Claim your Dates on the Ride Calendar!

Ride Calendar. The 2017 ride calendar is up!

All members need to host at least one ride per season, so claim your date as soon as you can to help us fill up our calendar. Contact your ride coordinator, whose email address is in each calendar entry:

Tuesday rides. Contact Marshall to claim your date(s).

Friday rides.  Well it’s a bit more complicated. Read the next several paragraphs.

Sue is your Ride Coordinator for Fridays until end July; Doug from August to the end of the season.

As discussed at the AGM, the Friday ride calendar alternates currently between Port Hope Town Hall and Cobourg Community Centre starts. These default start locations avoid uncertainty in the event we don’t have a host.

As discussed at the AGM, Brian agreed to work with Ruth on a list of proposed routes that we will follow. We’re pleased to report that we have that list! 15 amazing routes, from easier to harder, 8 starting in Port Hope and 7 in Cobourg.

Members can claim any of these Friday rides and start from a different location. Instructions to contact your Ride Coordinator are included in each calendar entry. Also, no need to spend all day cleaning your house if you think a better post-ride event would be to line up for ice cream somewhere and just chat with members on a picnic bench in a cute little Ontario small town nearby.

If there is no host by a week before the ride, the default start location and route map will apply and the weekly post will provide the details. Remember that if the ride starts from the Port Hope or Cobourg default location, please use the comments to let members know if you plan to ride by 10:00 a.m. on Friday (we’ll remind you!)

Remember that our rides in October, other than Thanksgiving, will be on Saturdays (or Sunday), commencing either at 10 or 2. Host decides.

In response to your survey feedback, Willy has organized two joint club rides that will replace a Friday ride with a Saturday ride:

  • Saturday, July 15: The Freewheelers are invited to join the Northumberland Hills Club for a ride
  • Saturday, September 16: The Northumberland Hills Club will join us for a ride that Willy will host.

And finally, many club members reported being open to Saturday morning rides in the survey. If you as host would prefer to change the Friday ride to a Saturday one, please suggest this to your Ride Coordinator.

Ride hosting. Ride hosting is easy, but comes with a few expectations that you can read about on the Being a Freewheeler page. Main details you can provide are:

  1. Start time and location
  2. Whether post-ride will be picnic, potluck, appetizers & bevvies or restaurant; be creative with this!
  3. Post-ride location if different from starting location
  4. If necessary, parking instructions or heads-up re: weather or route if necessary
  5. A picture if you have one that would complement the ride

Members – Check your Directory Listing

We have updated the club directory, removing members who will not be continuing and adding our new member: Welcome Bob Almack!

Please review your listing, including clicking on the address to ensure the Google map goes to the correct location. Email if your listing requires correction.

Cell phone listing. Remember there is now a column for cell phone number which you will find helpful during rides.

Emergency Contact Information. We have also double checked emergency contacts. Please review your emergency contact information and email if your listing requires correction.

Password change. We will be changing the password to the member-only pages on Saturday, April 26. If you are not able to attend the kick-off ride on Friday, April 16 at Wayne and Brenda’s, where we will hand out a welcome flyer with the password on it, we will email you the password. If you do not remember the current password, send an email to

We Welcome New Members & Guests!

As discussed at the AGM, we will continue to have prospective members contact Barb and Vivian for more details. We currently have 8 spots available. We’ve had 3 inquiries so far this season and we suspect demand might pick up as the season starts.

If club members know of individuals interested in membership, please suggest they fill in the form that will go to the freewheelers email address. Ruth will then direct the inquiry to Barb and Vivian as a first step in the process. Prospective members will be invited to participate in three rides prior to deciding if we’re the club for them!

Visit our new members’ page and interest form if you would like to know more about our process.

NOTE to current members: If you invite a guest, make sure to let the host know in advance, have your guest sign the waiver form, and collect the $5.00 fee. Give the completed form and money to Barb, Vivian or a member of the Executive.

Safety First Campaign in 2017

Please be reminded of the importance of safety, as outlined on our Safety and Education page. If during any ride, you are not able to follow the route, make sure you inform the ride leader and are able to communicate via cell phone in the event of an emergency.

As noted in our survey results, Willy’s investigation into insurance surfaced the value of making safety not just a once-a-year conversation, but rather a regular campaign. The execs and our volunteers discussed various options and came to three conclusions:

  1. We will be offering some form of safety training early this season. Willy will provide more details early in the season.
  2. We would like to encourage members to read the safety rules posted on our website and be mindful of them on rides.
  3. We will end each bi-weekly post with a simple reminder using our new safety first symbol to revisit the safety rules of the road that already live on our website .

Need to Contact our Executive?

As approved at our AGM, Willy Elzner (President), Harold (Vice President) are our new Executives. Turney Wong (Treasurer) and Ruth Louden (Secretary & Web Administrator) will continue in their roles. Their mug shots are on the Club Executive page.

If you need to contact Willy or Ruth, you can reach them via the email.

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